One-to-one tuition

Many people have invested in a digital SLR along with some form of image manipulation software however, I find they often struggle to get the best out of these.

If you have not been brought up with film photography and have limited experience with computers, then you could easily find yourself having to grapple with lots of new-fangled ideas and concepts. So, if you need help with things such as those below, then why not consider one-to-one tuition

- mastering your camera's settings
- workflow and image organisation
- photographic composition
- basic or advanced image manipulation with Photoshop for example

Also, you may be unaware that your mobile phone is capable of taking high-quality images and by using free software such as Snapseed you can even process your images on your phone to great effect. Using your mobile phone for photography is so convenient and liberating. It's the camera you always have with you: no more hauling round loads of heavy gear. You can even do handheld exposures of up to 30 seconds without the need for a tripod. If you want to explore mobile phone photography then I'm sure I can help.

I offer a friendly and helpful service, at a pace that suits your needs and ability. My rates are very reasonable and I can cover most aspects of digital and mobile phone photography. If you are interested then please get in touch via the Contacts Details page.